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💻 #devdiary entry 8

I’ve decided to go with devdiary instead of 100daysofcode because it seems more fitting for me and this blog. Since I do work full-time in WordPress Mon-Fri… I do take breaks on the weekend… usually. Mind you, lately I haven’t but for the most part I tend to sign off on the weekends. So, 100 days consecutively isn’t likely. And, I will be going beyond 100 days.

As of today, I don’t know that I have a whole lot to report on my upskilling journey.

I was given new copy for pages on our company site, I so I was working on that today as well as implementing a new design for a section of these specific pages. One-by-one I was going through them. It was a nice quiet day. I will continue this tomorrow.

I haven’t figured out the issue I am having on the new homepage yet. I asked both in Stack Overflow and in a WordPress discord… but only crickets. I did reach out to the developer agency we work with to see if someone on their team wants to have a look with me. That will happen in the next week or two.

Someone from the community suggested I read the Sage 9 Theme Development eBook after sharing some of the issues I’ve been having. That book is filling in a lot of the gaps and answering a lot of my questions. I purchased it about a month ago but didn’t think about reading it… Well, I did read it initially but it was before I installed Sage for the first time so a lot of the info went over my head.

Anyways, I am going to figure it out.

Cheers. ✨

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