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I am going to do the #100daysofcode challenge starting today. I don’t expect myself do this consecutively as I usually am offline on the weekends. But considering I work with WordPress every day during the week, I should have better luck at sticking to it unlike the first time I tried.


Today started with simple content changes for a client site. Then I moved on to figuring out how to change the ‘older posts’ and ‘newer posts’ text to be ‘next’ and ‘previous’ instead. Following this thread, I was able to figure it out. In this case, it’s not for the blog archive. The site is using Event Espresso and we wanted to change the text so it would make more sense to the user. Looking at a list of events under a certain category and having ‘older posts’ as the navigation to actually see more upcoming events didn’t make sense. That is done, and then I used flexbox to move ‘next’ from the left to the right.

I spent the rest of my day tinkering around with our new homepage design. The design was provided by a brand designer and I have been building it out in Gutenberg. Quite finicky but it’s getting there. I am using some custom CSS with the help of the inspect tool to get things just right.

If there is something I am very experienced in at this point, it is using the inspect tool to troubleshoot and to test CSS adjustments.


I will be finishing up my shift soon and tonight we are going out, so I will not have time to work on anything else.

Jake just came home though and gave me an early Christmas gift… the Linux Bible! I can’t wait to dig into it.

Cheers. ✨

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