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💻 #devdiary entry 1

Today I mostly worked on the new homepage build for the company website. I completed the tablet version and spent a few hours on the mobile version. As I go along I am taking screenshots and recording videos as demos to show the designer for their approval. This project has been in the works for a while now, so I am looking forward to having it complete and move on to redesigning other parts of the website. Bit by bit, we are giving the website a facelift.

Also, a client of mine moved to a new office so they need to update the map on their contact page. At the moment it is a static image that an agency he is no longer in touch with created. To create a new map he found Stadia Maps. He created the property and I installed the corresponding plugin. This is something I will dig into more tomorrow.

I am going to finish the night by reading some of the Linux Bible.

This isn’t my first time using Linux, I did start using it in 2020. I did install Linux Mint on an old Lenovo Touchpad laptop that I have but I haven’t really gone into depth with learning about the Linux kernel and getting messy in the command line which is what I want.

Goodnight! ✨

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