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💻 #devdiary entry 2

Today started with taking care of some tickets this morning for work. A bit of troubleshooting and doing simple registrations and registration transfers for our events.

I continued to tinker with the new homepage design. The design is two columns with six rows. The top two and bottom two rows have a .png image as the background with a ripped paper-like edge and this is not showing on all desktop sizes. OI am having no problem with this showing on smaller screen sizes but on larger screen sizes it is not working.

What we want:

What we get (on larger desktop sizes):

I also worked on adding an updated map to a clients site. He signed up Stadia Maps. Following along with their documentation I created a custom .JSON file using the Maputnik tool to have a map with the colors he wanted. I can’t seem to get my JSON file to work so I have reached out to support.

I am never shy to reach out to support,

That is going to be all today as we are going to my grandparents for the weekend so tonight I will be getting ready for that!


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