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💻 #devdiary entry 5

Today I spent my time setting up LAMP on my personal computer. I followed this YouTube tutorial: Arch Linux: The LAMP Stack, and referred to this documentation: Using libphp.

…One perk of keeping this blog is that I am documenting resources that I can refer back to…

Once I had my first WordPress install on this computer up and running, I began the installing of Sage and Acorn.

I ran into a permission issue when trying to install Acorn in my theme directory. I will tackle this again another time when I have fresh eyes. I have been on the computer for a few hours now.

Boring post, I know. 😝


…I came back on and started a codepen for our new header design. I still have questions to be answered from the designer in terms of functionality but I figured I would get a start on this as I know this is something they want done in the new year.

This will be a two part-project… finalize the HTML/CSS (& likely JavaScript) design of the header and then implement it in our Sage Theme. They also want a search function added.

It’s time for me to go to bed soon… but I am just enjoying the time off.


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