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💻 #devdiary entry 7

I was able to connect my Local project to GitHub.

In the end, it was just a matter of stepping away and trying again, and it worked.

I will add here that I must say the support at LocalWP is great!

Yesterday I made an attempt to make a very simple change to my local site, change the site logo. But it didn’t work, ha! support post for some context here.

However, when I tried to run yarn build on my local site, it produced some errors.

I spent some time running commands suggested in the error, as well as researching solutions to the error messages themselves.

There seems to be an issue regarding OpenSSL.

I do still have the original dev site too which is a live site.

That has lead me down the WP-CLI path in order to run yarn build to implement the change (I did on this site too) on the live dev site. I assume I would need WP-CLI to do this. I haven’t used this powerful tool yet – what a n00b! 😉 Anyways.. that is where I am at now.

I am currently trying to get a simple logo to change on both the local dev site and live dev site.

I ultimately only want to work on one dev site, of course, but once I hit that wall on the local site I thought I would try the live site as a test and here I am.

I am also trying to figure out another issue on our homepage redesign. I think I mentioned it in this blog before.

Here is the Stack Overflow post, as of right now no one has chimed in. It might be something I will need to provide a link for if anyone wants to dig around…

I seem to be a bit all over the place, but anyways, I am going to persevere. I want to become a much more advanced WordPress developer, I know I am capable. I just am in it alone, pretty much. And I feel like sometimes, it would be nice just to have an expert to have a 1:1 chat with to pick their brain and ask questions to fill in the gaps.

This blog, while I am sure would be a boring read for everyone else, that is okay.. it’s intention is to be a ‘dev diary’ for me to help me get through the amount of learning I am doing right now.

Cheers! ✨

PS – I am not really doing a spell/grammar check on these posts… if someone out there is actually reading this… 🤭

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