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  • 💻 #devdiary entry 8

    I’ve decided to go with devdiary instead of 100daysofcode because it seems more fitting for me and this blog. Since I do work full-time in WordPress Mon-Fri… I do take breaks on the weekend… usually. Mind you, lately I haven’t but for the most part I tend to sign off on the weekends. So, 100…

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  • 💻 #devdiary entry 7

    I was able to connect my Local project to GitHub. In the end, it was just a matter of stepping away and trying again, and it worked. I will add here that I must say the support at LocalWP is great! Yesterday I made an attempt to make a very simple change to my local…

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  • 💻 #devdiary entry 6

    I worked on trying to copy our company development site to my computer so that I can have my own development site to work on. On this computer I use Local and followed their instructions to import a website. Both by uploading a zip and manually. Uploading by zip did not work. And when I…

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  • 💻 #devdiary entry 5

    Today I spent my time setting up LAMP on my personal computer. I followed this YouTube tutorial: Arch Linux: The LAMP Stack, and referred to this documentation: Using libphp. …One perk of keeping this blog is that I am documenting resources that I can refer back to… Once I had my first WordPress install on…

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  • 💻 #devdiary entry 4

    This morning started with taking care of a few things for some ongoing projects. Setting things up for a teammate to work in Groundhogg, for example. I’ve been reading the WordPress Theme Handbook. I was skimming through a book I received last night, Building Web Apps with WordPress: WordPress as an Application Framework. It mentioned…

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  • 💻 #devdiary entry 3

    Back at it after the weekend… Today was a bit slower with tickets and I am waiting on some feedback before moving forward with various projects. I took advantage of this time to dedicate myself to a course the company purchased for me; Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code. Progress: [[ 14 /…

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